The objectives of the Association as stated in the Constitution of the Association are :

1. To promote effective implementation of the AU Convention and the UNCAC.

2. To promote and facilitate mutual cooperation among member states in preventing, detecting, investigating, gathering and providing evidence for judicial proceedings and the prosecution of corruption and related offences.

3. To promote effective and expeditious handling of cases requiring mutual legal assistance.

4. To promote assisting one another in the extradition of persons charged with or convicted with offences of corruption and other related offences in conformity with the domestic laws of Member States and relevant international law and treaties.

5. To promote and facilitate the development and harmonization of mechanisms and strategies for the prevention, detection, investigation and control of corruption and related offences in Africa.

6. To promote the provision of technical cooperation and assistance among the Anti-Corruption Authorities.

7. To promote the development of strategies for establishing research and training centres in the areas of prevention, investigation and the prosecution of corruption cases.

8. To promote among the Anti-Corruption Authorities the spirit of sensitizing and engaging political leaders, members of the public, civil society, the media and the private sector in Member States in preventing and combating corruption.

9. To take necessary measures for promoting transparency and accountability in the management of public affairs within Member States.

10. To cooperate or associate with regional and international judicial bodies in furtherance of the objectives of the Association. 11. To do any other thing for the common interest of the Association.

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